Veteran's Breakfast kicks off the event on Saturday morning.  All current military and veterans can get free breakfast.  Just show up with your ID and enjoy the festival.  Appreciate your service.

Friday, May 18th  
Time: 7 pm- 10pm
Location: Carleen Bright Arboretum


Wine Tour: 
Please call us at (254) 399 - 9204 for more information!
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Veteran's Breakfast

All Veteran's and their families welcome.  Breakfast starts at 8:00 am on May 19th.  No cost, but you should come pick up a ticket for the event at the Woodway Pavilion before the day of event.

Saturday, May 19th
Time: 8am-9am
Event Grounds
The event will take place on the Woodway complex including the City Hall and the Woodway Family Center.
Parking will be available at various locations around the event, just follow the signs.


Live Music with Street Dance 

The street dance will wrap up the event Saturday night with live entertainment and a fierworks display.

We will be showcasing some new talent this year at the Woodway Roadrunner Festival!


Then, around 9:45pm we will have a fireworks demonstration!

Woodway Roadrunner FESTIVAL

Come enjoy and celebrate a new Woodway tradition, with the 4th annual Woodway Roadrunner Festival located around the beautiful Woodway Arboretum and Pavilion complex.  This exciting festival will be held in the heart of Woodway and include events for children and children at heart.  Come enjoy  the entertainment and vendors as the young'uns enjoy the many fun activities provided for them.  This new Woodway tradition will surely become a family tradition after just one visit.  The Woodway RoadrunnerFestival has music, fun, food, and drinks, the only thing missing is you!

922 Estates Drive
Woodway, Texas 76712

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